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Tequeno is a fried cheese stick or bread dough spear with center-stocked cheese, a typical Venezuelan meal or snack. To make the dough, it is wrapped around a piece of cheese and shaped into a stick for frying or oven-baking in oil. Tequeños may be served as a side dish or as a snack during celebrations and weddings for breakfast. Try the highest quality tequenos in New York City at Viida Market.

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Tequenos are a favorite for anyone who has tried them. They are delicious and are perfect for snacking. They are trendy at any event in South America; a must for any celebration. With the melted cheese and the fried dough, it is unlikely that you will find anyone who doesn’t like them.


A Tequeno is an old staple food in Argentina and Venezuela. They are simple food to make, and they taste great. They are great for people in South America for these reasons and make them and keep them for later. If you only have simple ingredients at your disposal, you can create delicious food with few inexpensive ingredients.

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Tequenos is a traditional Venezuelan celebration food. It is the most popular snack for every Venezuelan celebration — baptisms, birthdays, or marriages. They are made of white cheese wrapped in a thin, half-sweet pastry. They are most often fried, although they may also be oven-cooked. Tequenos are traditionally prepared with cheese alone, but today's combinations like guava and cheese and ham and cheese are becoming more popular.

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At Viida Market, we create tequenos with our white cheese wrapped in pastry, baked or fried to a golden brown. Whether you want to have breakfast or a snack, you will certainly love every tasty nibble. We bring the authentic flavors of Venezuela to New York City.

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