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Whether you grew up in Venezuela or have developed a love of Latin food, you know there’s nothing better than authentic, traditional Venezuelan food. That’s why we’re proud to offer fresh Latin cuisine with nothing artificial and no added sugar from Viida Market. We believe the Latin food you order from our store should be as authentic and delicious as the meals your abuela cooked. Shop online today and start your subscription service!

Ready to save money on your favorite Venezuelan food, snacks, and cheeses? Discover the discounts you can enjoy when you sign up for a subscription service!

•20% discount for weekly orders
•15% discount for biweekly orders
•10% discount for monthly orders

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Venezuelan Food Shipped to You!

From arepa and tequeños to pabellón criollo and hallacas, you know that no other culture can compete with the number of mouthwatering dishes that call Venezuela home. In fact, the arepa is probably the most well-known Venezuelan dish because not only are they delicious and filling but they’re also easy to make. Traditionally, the most common fillings include black beans, cheese, butter, eggs, avocado, and shredded beef. Since you can fill them with literally anything you want, you can have your favorite arepa anytime, anywhere, and any place.
While you could make your own arepa from scratch, that requires time and effort that you may not have to spare. Instead of going without, order your favorite flavor arepa online at Viida Market. Even better, sign up for our subscription service to make sure you never run out!
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At Viida Market,

we want to provide you with the best and most delicious food Venezuela has to offer. Whether you have a craving for empanadas, tequeños, arepas, or more, be sure to shop our online store for fresh, authentic Latin food.
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