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Empanada Heritage

Whole-grain empanadas are more than a warm corn pocket filled with infinite combinations of food. Like Mexican and Central American tortillas, French and Italian bread, or pita in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the empanada is a cultural heritage of Venezuela and Colombia and an instant favorite to those who try it at Viida Market in New York City.

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What They Are

Empanadas are hand-sized delicious pastries prevalent across South America. Every province in Argentina has its unique variation. They all follow the same fundamental food guideline – a soft pocket of dough filled with a savory filling.


When everything is said and done, you're sure to love our empanadas. However, make sure that you have a culturally accurate kind. Viida Market is proud of its empanadas, so we want you to have a great experience when enjoying them.

The origins of the empanada originate from the time people use food and vegetables to fill their bread, which they can easily take and consume when they travel or go outside. Serving bread with food is more practical than preparing your meals while on the fields or at work. The bread was eventually replaced with dough that surrounds the material. Wrapping prevents the contents from falling off the dough.

Various Fillings

These are filled patties composed of maize meal, which may be fried or baked. Empanadas may have many different stuffings, but cheese is the most popular. It is the ideal mix of the cheese's saltiness and the sweet touch of the bread. There is a lot of time and work to make empanadas. You can't tell when you see them initially that a lot of handicraft has gone into them because all you can see is the outer dough. There is more to the filling preparation that the exterior shell will not tell you.

Depending on the area, some individuals use the same fillings as arepas. Ground meat, shredded beef or chicken, black beans, and even plantain are all popular stuffings. No matter what's in them, you'll enjoy them. Viida Market has the most delicious empanadas; try them with us today! These empanadas are made from a traditional Venezuelan recipe, and they make the ideal breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack! You won't want anything else other than an empanada. The filling can be sweet, savory, vegetarian, and even carnivorous.

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Types Of Empanadas

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Empanada is one of South America’s most popular dishes. It is a classic meal in Latin American Spanish-speaking nations and thus comes in many variants. It is a bread dough or puff pastry with various meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and, at times, candy. Then it's baked or fried. The empanada contents are extremely diverse.

The popularity of empanadas has led to a wide variety of empanadas. Each nation and each town have its unique empanada variation. Viida Market prides itself on our delicious empanadas.

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