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At Viida Market, we believe that food is foundational to your mental and physical well being. More than that, we believe in the power of food to facilitate happy memories and comforting moments. That’s why our artisan Latin American dishes are vibrant, satisfying, and exciting. Thanks to our mouthwatering menu, which welcomes diets of all kinds, we’ve made a name for ourselves in NYC. But why stop there? We’re opening our kitchen to the entire country!

Viida Market gives you full access to our fresh, Latin American food in frozen form. This is not your average frozen aisle fare! Our cutting-edge freezing technology captures our fresh flavors so the food can travel safely to your door. All you have to do is heat it up and dig in! We’ve organized our wholesome, gluten-free arepas so you can quickly find your favorite among our Combo Especialitas or build an original bowl to satisfy your appetite. Either way, your excitement for meal time will reach a whole new level!

Viida Market was created by hard-working people who know the value of a good meal, especially when life is hectic. We prove that convenient prep doesn’t mean compromised flavors or health benefits. Whether it’s a busy weeknight dinner or lunch on the go, our frozen dishes will give you and your loved ones a reason to pause, savor, and breathe. You can dig in and enjoy, knowing your body will thank you. Order your Viida Market cuisine today.