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Why Arepas Are the Best Vegan/Vegetarian Food

As a vegan or vegetarian, if you’re constantly looking for new and exciting food to try and you haven’t tried arepas yet, it’s time to change that. These cornmeal cakes or patties are made from corn flour and can be stuffed with your favorite fillings. Naturally plant-based, arepas make the perfect vehicle to create your next vegan or vegetarian dish.

Read on to learn more about why arepas are the best vegan and vegetarian food, and if you’re looking to purchase authentic Venezuelan arepas, shop Viida Market today.

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They’re Made From Corn Flour

Arepas are made from corn flour so they’re naturally vegetarian and vegan. You don’t have to make any adjustments to the recipe, and when you purchase the arepas from Viida Market, you can even choose from different flavors. We have both the traditional arepa blanca as well as our arepa verde which includes parsley, lime, and cilantro. No matter which type of arepa you choose, you can enjoy them guilt-free as they never contain any animal products.

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You Can Choose Vegan or Vegetarian Fillings

One of the things that make arepas so popular for vegans and vegetarians is that you can choose the fillings that work with your specific diet and lifestyle. You can fill them with all of your favorite veggies, legumes, herbs, and anything else you can think of. An arepa is like a blank slate waiting for you to turn it into a masterpiece.

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The Recipe Possibilities Are Endless

With arepas, the possibilities of vegan and vegetarian recipes are endless. Don’t believe us? Try searching for vegan or vegetarian arepa recipes. The result will be pages upon pages of other vegans and vegetarians who love arepas and want to share their recipes with you. And best of all, you can fill or top arepas with savory ingredients for dinner or sweet ingredients for dessert.

Image of arepas on a grill.

Arepas Taste Delicious

We can’t forget about why arepas being vegan and vegetarian excites us the most — they’re delicious! Whether you fill them with a mixture of black beans, plantains, and guacamole, or you top them high with strawberries and coconut whipped cream, arepas can be the base to so many delicious and filling vegan and vegetarian meals.

Order Arepas From Viida Market

Are you looking for authentic arepas? At Viida Market, you’ll find a selection of Venezuelan food, including arepas. Shop our selection today and enjoy arepas as your new favorite vegan and vegetarian food!