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Where Is Cocosette From? - Viida Market Breaks It Down

The Cocosette wafer cookie has gained popularity throughout the U.S. over the years, spanning generations. Once you learn more about the Cocosette, you will want to get your hands on this tasty treat immediately! Today, Viida Market is going to tell you how this iconic treat came to be and why it has remained as one of Nestlés top products. Continue reading to learn more and buy Viida Market's Nestle Cocosette online today.

What is the Cocosette? 

The Cocosette is a wafer cookie filled with a creamy coconut filling in between the wafers. It is a sugary treat that many people enjoy, especially those with a sweet tooth. The crunchiness of the wafer and the sweetness of the coconut filling will satisfy any cravings you may have ⁠— try it today!


Where is it from?

Nestlé Savoy is a Venezuelan company that creates a variety of chocolates, confectionaries, and other products, including the Cocosette. The Cocosette was first introduced in 1956 and gained loads of popularity among Nestlé Savoy’s customers. Over time, the company expanded and eventually was acquired by the well-known Swiss chocolate company, Nestlé, that we all know and love today.

Cocosettes Today

Once the Cocosette had become popular all over Europe, they started to be imported into the U.S. in the early 1990s. The Nestlé Cocosette is much loved by every generation and they are still widely known today throughout many Latin American Countries and the U.S. This tasty treat has remained popular because it combines two classic flavors ⁠— coconut and chocolate ⁠— into one delicious cookie. 


Where Can You Find Cocosette?

The Nestlé Cocosette can be found in many large grocery stores and online. You can buy the Nestlé Cocosette online from Viida Market. Our Nestlé Cocosette comes in a box of 18 so you can enjoy them by yourself as an indulgent treat or with your friends and family.

The Cocosette cookie is still popular among adults and children alike, spanning a few generations, and can be found in many stores throughout the U.S. Once you taste the creamy coconut filling, you won’t be able to turn back. Viida Market is proud to sell this iconic treat online, so you can enjoy it anytime you want. Order yours today and experience the deliciousness of the Nestlé Cocosette!