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What Types Of Samba Chocolate Does Viida Market Offer?

What Types Of Samba Chocolate Does Viida Market Offer?

Out of the many delicacies that Venezuelan cuisine and snacks have to offer, Samba can be considered one of the most popular ones for many reasons. They are not only a great snack, but the combination of the dark chocolate covering, the sweet filling, and the crunchy wafers make this snack a must-have in every pantry. Read more about Samba Chocolate snacks, and order yours from Viida Market today!

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What’s a Samba Chocolate Bar?

The Samba Chocolate bars have been a staple of Venezuelan snacks for decades, and their popularity amongst children and adults alike has never dwindled. This amazing snack is composed of crunchy wafers layered with chocolate- or strawberry-flavored cream and covered with a dark chocolate, making it a perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, and a perfect balance of the bitterness of the dark chocolate — a combination of flavors you should try!

Chocolate Samba bars

Chocolate Samba Snack Bars

While the chocolate Samba is on the sweeter side (compared to the strawberry flavor) this chocolate bar has been the go-to for millions of Venezuelans for years and, thanks to its popularity, it started becoming popular in Europe and the United States. At Viida Market, you can find these delightful chocolate bars to enjoy authentic Venezuelan flavors!

Strawberry Samba bars

Strawberry Samba Snack Bars

For those of you who like more complex flavor combinations, the Strawberry Samba Chocolate Bar sold by Viida Market has what you are looking for! Often called Samba Fresa, this bar comes as a game changer for fruit-with-chocolate lovers. Check them out and give it a whirl, you won’t regret it!

Cocosette chocolate bars

Other Venezuelan Snacks We Offer

Venezuelans have become known for their amazing food in the last couple of decades, the intense flavors, awesome ingredient combinations, and other authentic methods of cooking have joined other cultures to stay. At Viida Market we have a wide variety of Venezuelan snacks that you can enjoy. Here are some of them:

Enjoy Venezuelan Flavors!

If you are looking to expand your snack horizons, come to Viida Market online store and get some of the great Venezuelan snacks that we have to offer! We also sell other traditional Venezuelan foods like arepas, tequeños, empanadas, and more!