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How-To Make Homestyle Breakfast Areppas, Yummm

Areppas are corn pancakes that are most commonly found in restaurants and on tables in Venezuela and Columbia. It’s also the name of a popular upscale fast casual Latin-American restaurant in New York City.

You can make authentic homestyle breakfast areppas with a contemporary twist, thanks to the restaurant’s executive chef, and Venezuelan native, Gabriela Machado. She’s handled all the details, from shopping list to cooking instructions. This recipe for Morningstyle Areppas from Chef Machado features corn flour, ham and eggs, beets, tomato and scallions.

Shopping List
  • Finely ground corn flour (restaurant recipe calls for Masa Harina)
  • Eggs (for scrambling)
  • Ham
  • Cow’s milk cheese (restaurant recipe calls for Guyanese cheese)
  • Raw beets
  • Tomato
  • Scallions
  • Salt


Recipe courtesy of Areppas, 954 Third Avenue, New York, NY. Executive Chef: Gabriela Machado.