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Breakfast-Style Arepas Like A Chef - Not to Miss!

Ingredients (2 servings)

For the roja arepa:


  1. For the roja arepa: Peel and dice raw beets, place it in the blender with the water, oil and salt blended until smooth.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer combine the ingredients blended in the blender and the masa harina (corn flour).
  3. Mix on medium/low for 5 minutes until mixture is homogeneous.
  4. Cover dough with moist towel and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Once is rested, portion dough in to 6 oz. balls, flattening each as if making a burger patty until it is about inch thick and 4 inches in diameter. The edges should be tapered instead of at and straight.
  6. Set all arepas on a parchment-lined sheet tray.
  7. Heat the grill until hot. Alternatively, heat the oven to 375°
  8. Heat a griddle on medium heat, swirling a little oil on its surface. Cook each arepa on the griddle for 2 minutes per side.
  9. Finish each arepa on the hot grill by cooking it for 5 minutes on each side. Alternatively, bake in the oven for 10–15 minutes, until golden and crunchy on the outside. It is baked through when it sounds hollow if tapped in the middle.
  10. Remove to a rack to cool.
  11. For the scrambled egg: In a medium non-stick skillet heat the oil over medium heat. Add the tomatoes and scallions and cook about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  12. Meanwhile, in a small bowl beat the eggs and salt. Pour the eggs in the skillet with the tomato mixture and cook over medium heat, without stirring, until mixture begins to set.
  13. Stir twice or until the eggs mix with the tomato and scallions and cook about 2 minutes or until the eggs are the consistency you like.
  14. Transfer to a serving plate. Add a slide of ham. Open up one side of the arepa to form a pocket and stuff scrambled egg and ham inside. ENJOY!