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A Complete History of Empanadas Origin

Empanadas are a delicious meal that people all over the world enjoy. You can find them with nearly any filling, and although they are most often filled with savory ingredients, empanadas are also commonly stuffed with sweet fruit for a quick, hand-held dessert.

In today’s post from Viida Market, we’re going to discuss the history of empanadas. Read on to learn more, and when you’re looking to have delicious, authentic empanadas delivered right to your door, shop Viida Market.

An image of empanadas in a pan.

What Is an Empanada?

An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry that is either baked or fried. Empanadas can be stuffed with a variety of different ingredients and are commonly served savory or sweet. Popular ingredients included chicken, beef, veggies, and even fruit. Empanadas almost resemble a calzone in shape, but are much smaller and meant to be held in your hand as you eat them.

An image of empanadas on a plate with sauce.

The First Empanadas

There is some debate as to when the first empanadas were made. Some say Spain while others think that this dish got its start in Portugal. While some of the empanada story has been lost to history, and it’s possible that its roots go all the way back to the medieval era, we are certain that empanadas appeared in the Americas in Argentina in the 16th century when early Spanish immigrants arrived.

 An image of empanadas on a cutting board.

The Evolution of Empanadas

Historically, empanadas were a simple bread dough filled with meat. They were popular among the working class as they were easy to make and filling. As the empanada continued to move through South America, it evolved into the hand-held individual pastries that we know and love today. Empanadas can now be found throughout South America, Central America, North America, and even overseas.

An Image of empanadas in a cast iron pan.

Where to Find the Best Empanadas Today

Today, you can find empanadas in many different restaurants, grocery stores, and still being made by hand in people’s kitchens. There are many fast-casual restaurants such as Areppas Restaurant in NYC, who offer empanadas with a variety of different fillings. You can also order empanadas from Viida Market to enjoy at home. Whether you prefer your empanadas with cheese, beef, or chicken, we have a selection of delicious empanadas that you are sure to love.

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